About DAir

About DAir Defending Solution 

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DAir is a 100% natural antibacterial liquid from Japan and its sole ingredient is grapefruit seed extract. This product is proven to be harmless to humans and animals. We used modern technology to dehydrate the surface of the virus with a unique composition to make the virus inactive.
The grapefruit seed extract used by DAir has been certified by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare of the Japanese government as an all-natural antibacterial liquid that can be used as a food additive. It complies with the Food Sanitation Law of Japan and can be directly used in food as an oral multi-purpose safety additive.

100% Natural

Does not include ANY chemicals

Free of volatile organic compounds

Food grade antibacterial liquid

Grapefruit seed contains the highest antibacterial extract among plants, and DAir uses Japanese high-tech research and development to produce the extract. We only extract from the best grapefruits and DAir successfully refines the seed extract into high-quality antibacterial liquid through the purification method of the scientific research team of Nagoya University.

Applicable to

Most suitable for families with elderly, infants and pets. It is said to be the most natural air antibacterial purifying liquid

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Suitable for all environments