DA1000 – DAir Natural defending solution(1L)


DA1000 - DAir Natural defending solution(1L)


Price     HKD 198.00
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• Product Description
Main Ingredients: grapefruit seed extract
Validity period: 2 years
Volume: 1000ML
GMP recognised
Made in Japan, Packaged in Taiwan

• User Guide
Household Cleaning: Living room/ Kitchen/ Bedroom/ Bathroom/ Storage room/ Shoe cabinet etc
Children Care: Daily sterilizing of (toys/ utensils/ beddings and crib/ books)
Car sterilizing: Atomizer air sterilizing/ removes odor and formaldehyde
Post-workout hygiene: sterilizing equipment/ towels/ yoga mats and others

• General usage method:
When in use, it can be sprayed directly in air or the surface of the object for disinfection and sterilization

• Precautions
For external use only, children must use it under the guidance of an adult. Avoid direct sunlight, store in a cool and dry place