Made in Japan, 100% Natural Ingredient 

Effectively eliminate 99.999% of viruses and bacteria


The only food-grade disinfection product on the market




What's DAir Defending Solution?

DAir is a multi-purpose 100% natural antibacterial liquid, which can safely and effectively remove different bacteria and viruses. 

Where did DAir come from?

Invented and produced from Japan’s Nagoya University, packaged in Taiwan

Can the liquid be used with other dispensers?

Yes, we only offer atomizing dispensers for additional alternatives

How are we different from our other competitors that label themselves as a natural solution?

Most of the same types of products on the market are mainly free of harmful chemicals, but they all contain low concentrations of hypochlorous acid or alcohol. DAir uses 100% all-natural grapefruit seed extract, and conforms to Japan< <Food Sanitation Law>, can be directly used in food as an oral safety additive.

Why DAir is the leading product in the industry?

Our team of scientific researchers from the Nagoya University carefully select the best grapefruits and uses the method of protein purification to extract the essence from it to create the finest sterilization and anti-virus solution. And this is the secret of how DAir became the top leading sales product compared to its other competitors all over the world.  We also have the most affordable price point compared to other competitors.

Apart from mist dispensing, how else can it be used?

Can be used for daily household cleaning to remove any dirt and bacteria